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Since 2001 The Spa Association (SPAA) has led the Global Wellness industry in educational resources, professional standards, growth opportunities and business acumen. Safe and effective options for the consumer; fair pay, professional training and safe working conditions for the practitioner.

Microbiome Explored by Loreal

18 Mar
skin biome Loreal

Our skin is crawling with bacteria and viruses?! What a horror, one would think. Guive Balooch, vice president of L’Oréal’s Technology Incubator, wants us to think differently about these seemingly unsavory organisms, which are hugely beneficial to the health and beauty of our skin. Microbiome is at the core of L’Oréal Research and Innovation, with […]

Finding a Return Policy

04 Feb

As retailers battle for market share, return policies become an important issue. What do you do with the customer who returns an empty bottle of facial cream? How does one increase purchases without increasing returns? Researchers at the University of Texas conducted a meta-study of 21 journal articles about return policies. The secret? Actually, the […]

Fast Spa Beauty

14 Apr

Fast Spa Beauty Just when you were thinking of the chant, “om” and calm, there is a faster paced demand out there for beauty efficiently performed right now.  As unique as your skin type or massage preferences, the many manifestations of on demand beauty.  The emphasis is on convenience, efficiency and quality. This might look […]

Wearable Technology

06 Dec

This time of year, we start anticipating the new arrivals of the latest and greatest in wearable technology. The new, highly anticipated Fitbit Ionic is now available, as is the new Apple watch. The tech industry is speculating about a new Apple watch. And, not to be left out, Samsung announced a new addition to its line […]


07 Oct

Our gut is where roughly 70-80% of our immunity is. If you have a well-functioning digestion system, your overall health is probably better than the majority of the population, meaning that overall inflammation is likely to be much lower in those without gut issues. That old adage that we become what we eat, could never be […]

Injectables for Earlobes…

14 Aug

It’s everywhere…the plump, the injectables, the add on’s…just don’t quit!  The latest trend is to plump up the earlobe.  All of those beautiful earrings take their toll, leading to sag.  The Restylane gives the lobe a plump, which repositions where the earring sits.  Another trend?  Painting the outer rim of the ear to accentuate the […]

Millennials at the Spa

10 Jun

Spas are uniquely qualified to attract and retain millennials.  While the department store and boutique paradigm consist of the cosmetic range dictating the season’s colors or the customer’s skin care wants and needs, the millennial wants actual service.  The marketing mythology and tricks of the trade were clear to see decades ago and spas must […]

Customer Service

26 Mar

  I constantly ponder business and customer service. I watch new stores come and go. I observe how long it takes for my meal to be served at restaurants and then how hot, tasty, healthy and well-presented the food is. Some companies, methods and concepts blow me away. For instance a hot towel service on […]

Innovation Wellness Trending 2017

19 Jan

Health and wellness trending 2017 promises a robust year. Strong recovery of the global health and wellness market is on the way, with sales recording 6.5% value growth (fixed exchange rates) in 2011.  Products offering specific health benefits, such as fortified/functional, or those renowned for their natural health properties drove value sales, with rates above […]